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Ingredients Magazine is a local produced and operated online magazine that focuses exclusively on Utah food from seed to plate. We operate independently in Holladay, Utah.

With each new issue we bring local food to the forefront of the public conversation, emphasizing all-natural growing and production methods that lead to healthier, sustainable products. We promote buying local and believe supporting the local economy cuts out harmful agents in our food and leads to living healthier, happier lives. Plus, it just feels good to support one’s community.

Ingredients Magazine is published quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Each issue is designed to give the reader in-depth knowledge of three specific ingredients. Issues regularly feature local farmers and local independent grocers in the Salt Lake Valley. We also feature urban gardening, local events and news, community supported agriculture, local fishing, and food history. Each issue also provides detailed culinary instructionals and unique recipes using fresh ingredients.

Our community of dedicated, local writers contributes their time and talents to bring each issue alive with the voices of the people behind Utah’s amazing local food selection. Founder Christopher Ross brings together his love of food and professional cooking experience to produce intermediate and expert level instructionals and recipes.

Ingredients Magazine is published exclusively online and prides itself on being a green publication. Designed to be reader friendly, fast loading, and compatible with all tablets, mobile phones, and gaming consoles; we strive to preserve the experience of reading a hard print magazine. Our goal is to improve online magazine publishing methods and influence other publishers with our research and development.

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